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Why should I purchase the One Stretch?

The One Stretch has many unique advantages over other calf stretching methods. Here are several reasons why the One Stretch provides the best, most isolated calf stretch.

Variable intensity – Infinite stretching positions; patented radius stretching surface; you can dial it in. Allows you to progress at your own pace.

Isolates the stretch to get the best passive stretch particularly in the upper calf, which is right where you need it.

Arch Support – Supporting your arch while you stretch is essential. This support makes the One Stretch safer and your feet feel better. No other product or method provides support for your arches while you stretch your calves like the One Stretch.

The gastrocnemius is it – The One Stretch unique back against the wall method results in locking of the knees which creates a pure stretch of the muscle that needs it: the gastrocnemius.

Pure passive stretch – Any physical therapist will tell you than the more passive the stretch, the better

Back against wall method provides most relaxed stretch. No need to balance your body over it like you need to with a slant board, stairs, facing a wall, etc, Reduces stress on knees and back, frees your hands and lets you face the room so you don’t have to look at stairs or wall. Now you can read the paper, watch TV, drink your coffee or surf your smart phone.

Creates compliance – “See it, use it”; you are 75% more likely to do your calf stretches owning the One Stretch. Also “Back Against Wall” feature makes the time stretching easier so you will actually do it..

Safety in use – You can precisely control the intensity of you calf stretch-“dial in intensity”. Also the device itself is very safe in the method of use and the stability provided by the EVA foam top pad to the non-slip wide based rubber feet on the floor

Designed by a foot & ankle orthopaedic surgeon who has been advocating and refining “definitive” calf stretching for 27 years.

Stretch both calves at same time – Or one at a time if you have a lot of time to spare.

Independent intensity – not every pair of calves are tight to the same degree, so you can stretch one more intensely than the other as needed.

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