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A Breakthrough Design

Dr. Amis has long understood that the answer to many foot and ankle issues starts higher up the leg, in the calf. He says “Tightness of the calf, particularly the gastrocnemius, is a uniquely human problem. I have seen the pattern of silent tightness in the calf resulting in incremental damage to the foot and ankle that ultimately progresses to pain in related areas repeat itself thousands of times in my practice. Over the past 30 years, I have trained 16 foot and ankle post graduate fellows, and we have treated hundreds of patients with my protocol of stretching the calf with more than a 90 percent success rate, but only if the patient complied with the therapy.”

It’s all about the calf

But few of Dr. Amis’ peers share his conviction when it comes to the detrimental role of a tight human calf. Dr Amis contends that “what they don’t understand is that over time, a calf that is too tight will have far reaching and negative effects on many areas of the foot and ankle, causing increased stress on bone, joints, tendons and ligaments. As a result these same doctors only target their treatment at the foot and ankle and too often understandably fail. Yet, the few who actually understand this relationship are too quick to schedule surgery to lengthen the Achilles tendon to alleviate foot pain. This proclivity to operate and not recommend calf stretching stems from misunderstanding or lack of information.” Amis says, “The evidence supporting calf stretching is abundant and clear. If I have any say so all will eventually know and understand this relationship and how effective calf stretching is.” The best news is that even after demonstrable clinical damage has been done, a program that stretches the calf and Achilles tendon can eliminate the pain. In other words, surgical lengthening is rarely necessary in Dr. Amis’s opinion.

Here is the central point, if one is convinced the the calf is the underlying problem causing the foot and ankle problem below, then there are only two choices possible to lengthen the calf: stretching or surgically.

Dr. Amis goes on to say that when he talks about stretching he “isn’t talking about the stretching you do before and after exercise, but instead it must be focused stretching done consistently EVERYDAY and with proper form. All of this is made easy with the patented One Stretch device. It is definitive treatment, not just giving it the old college try.”

In development for more than five years, the patented design of the One Stretch results from extraordinary industrial and ergonomic design. Every curve has a purpose, and each of the materials selected for the development of the product serve to make it the most stable, intuitive and ultimately functional “calf stretching” device on the market.

The One Stretch offers a solution for people from 12-80, and from “coach potato” to triathlete. If you are suffering from plantar fasciitis, heel pain, midfoot arthritis, or a myriad of other foot and ankle ailments, the One Stretch offers a graduated program that will help you to alleviate, or even eliminate your pain.

The main curve (numbers 1, 2, & 3) of The One Stretch allows for variable stretching intensity, based on the location of the user’s feet on the device. Because of the design of The One Stretch, you can stretch both calves at the same time, with the same intensity, or you can stretch them independently. The curve is designed for safety, and ease of use regardless of conditioning, age, and coordination level. The flat edge (number 4) of The One Stretch offers the most intense stretch, but because of the stability of the design and the materials used, the product can support more than 350 pounds safely. Actually we have had several patients weighing 500 to 550 lb. on the One Stretch daily without problems. Last, its molded rubber matting improves traction.

All you need to do is step on board, and stretch. It is so easy! Satisfaction guaranteed.

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