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Meet Dr. Amis


More than 65% percent of his patients at one point or another have presented to him with a wide variety of foot and ankle problems – some of them coming to him frustrated from other doctors who offered them unsatisfactory solutions. For years, he would tell them that their problem “isn’t your foot, it’s your calf. Your calf is just too tight!”

He would go further to explain that if they wanted long term relief, they would need to stretch their calf consistently, with the proper form, and on a regular basis. What he found was startling. Before the One Stretch existed only about 30% of the patients would stretch at all, and the rest would simply not stretch: that is 70%. And this happened in spite of considerable time and explanation to ensure they would leave and do what was needed.

Unsurprisingly, they would be back in his office with either the same issues, or something worse. It might not be the next week, or the next month, or even the next year, but if they didn’t stretch, or didn’t stretch properly, they were coming back, and this time, it might require surgery.

Tired of seeing patients throw away money, time, and quality of life on products and methods that only serve to temporarily alleviate the symptoms of foot ailments like plantar fasciitis, Dr. Amis set out to create a device that would ensure the proper form for stretching, and make it easy and fun for his patients to get in compliance with the therapy he had prescribed. He knew it had to be simple, cost effective, and it really needed to work! It had to make it possible for people to improve their quality of life, and maintain it.

His solution? The One Stretch. It is designed specifically to encourage good form, and it makes it easy to for patients to take control and eliminate foot pain for good. Where is the use or compliance today using the One Stretch: about 90%.

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