You do not have to suffer with heel pain any longer. Do just one stretch, just a few minutes a day, and you can relieve your heel pain forever. The One Stretch.


The One Stretch

The One Stretch is designed with pain relief in mind. If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, midfoot arthritis, or Achilles problems to name a few very common problems and you haven’t been able to find relief no matter what you have tried, the One Stretch is the breakthrough that you are looking for. Dr. James Amis designed the One Stretch to tackle your pain at the root of the problem: your calf. Calf tightness is where the pain and pressure of common foot ailments like plantar fasciitis begins, and just one stretch will solve that calf tightness.




Calf stretching is an essential everyday activity. But not only for athletes or exercise-enthusiasts. One Stretch is designed to promote healthy habits, rehabilitate your body, alleviate foot pain, and to prevent costly medical care.

Dr. James Amis

For more than 25 years, Dr. James Amis has been a practicing orthopaedic surgeon. His Cincinnati, Ohio based practice has a full time focus and specialization on foot and ankle issues. Based on this extensive body of knowledge and the many thousands of patients he has seen and treated, and procedures he has performed, it has become clear that much of what is considered standard operating procedure for the medical profession when it comes to foot pain, heel pain, midfoot arthritis, and a host of other ailments that come through his doors, is simply incorrect. He has become a dissenting voice in the medical community and an advocate for patients, seeking real remedies for their pain.


Using One Stretch

It is so simple to start feeling real relief from plantar fasciitis and a host of other foot ailments. Just step up on the One Stretch, and do the one stretch that will truly solve the problem, and take away your pain.


One: Prepare

With your back to the wall, and the device in front of you, place the length of your foot between the wall and the One Stretch. Individuals may prefer the product closer or farther away.

Two: Step

Place the palm of your hands against the wall and step up onto the device, using the wall as support. Keep your balance as you step up onto the curve.

Three: Begin

After stepping on to the One Stretch, slide your feet back, alternating one foot after the other to find your desired stretch intensity.


Four: Stretch

Now just allow your heels to slowly sink comfortably towards the floor in order to optimize your stretch. Now you can stretch the right way.

One Stretch


One Stretch is designed to encourage healthy habits, rehabilitate our bodies, and treat injuries like plantar fasciitis. It offers a range of stretching intensities to help stretch one of the most complex muscle systems in your body. Created by passionate doctors who are driven to keep you healthy without costly medical treatment, the Onestretch is a non-invasive way to prevent  and treat foot and ankle injuries. Stretch your calves on the One Stretch, there is no substitute.

  • Calculated progressive curve offers a range of stretching intensities, while providing comfort to your feet and support for your arch
  • Cushioned traction pad
  • Durable nonskid feet prevents slip on any floor surface
  • Supports up to 350 lbs.

Encouraging Healthy Habits


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